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Video: Holliman Trial Attorneys On Jurors

OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-An Oktibbeha County Jury’s guilty verdict sealed the fate of Brian Holliman of Lowndes County Thursday. Holliman was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of his wife Laura Godfrey Holliman in 2008. About an hour into a lengthy seven hour deliberation, the jury requested that Judge Lee Howard allow them to hear the emergency 911 call Holliman made the day his 25 year old wife died. This time a second jury reached the same conclusion as the first one did four years ago. In the minds of both the defense and the prosecution in the Holliman case, you can never judge a jury’s actions when they are behind closed doors.

“Never bet on fast women, slow horses, or juries. So I have no opinion. You never know whats going on back there,” said Steve Farese, Brian Holliman’s Attorney.

“Different juries sometimes reach different conclusions simply because they are comprised of different people. You know, and people see things differently,” said Forrest Allgood, Lowndes County DA.

Holliman will serve a life sentence with the possibility for parole. That’s the same sentence he received the first time around.