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Video: Kerr McGee Hearing

COLUMBUS, Miss. – (WCBI) Local, state and federal governments will spend millions of dollars during the next few years repairing drainage, sewage and chemical contamination across dozens of acres in North Columbus.

More than 60 residents of the areas near the former Kerr McGee plant still had questions tonight about what all will happen to some homes and when work will be done. The city called together local, state and federal agencies to answer their questions. More than 4 million dollars in drainage, street and sewer work will be done over the next year. Residents do see some progress after years of dealing with the problems.

“It’s out of the city’s hands now. The creosote issue is in EPA’s hands. EPA has sanctioned this sight as a Superfund sight, which means that EPA now is responsible for diagnosing, well I won’t say diagnosing. But responsible for finding out what is wrong and what it would take to fix it. Then putting together the proper budget to get it done,” say Rev. Steve Jamison.

The former Kerr McGee property and its creosote contamination are part of a multimillion dollar fund that has been set up to clean the company’s sites nationwide.