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The former veteran radio announcer and veteran Vietnam Era Army Medic is also an author. His autobiographical book, Call Me Gullah: An American Heritage is available via amazon.com in paperback and kindle.

Video: Last Minute Shopping

Columbus, MS (WCBI) — Those last minute procrastinating shoppers, and you might be one of them, are out making late purchases.

Customers in North Mississippi are not all shopping online. It appears that retailers of the traditional brick and mortar stores are getting late revenue to help their bottom line, from shoppers on the day before Christmas.

“And we’re on our way to visit family and I just stopped in to pick up some last minute gifts for the family. Yes, last minute, always last minute. I’m never on time,” said Melissa Holt, Birmingham.

“Picking up something for my baby, a pair of boots,” said Teresa Dora, Brooksville.

The last minute shoppers WCBI News spoke with say they were making small purchases.