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Video: Proposed Law Could Change the Way Mississippians Drive

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) –The way you drive on Mississippi highways could soon change if a proposed amendment is approved.

House Bill 268 could bring about a major change for drivers on Mississippi highways.

“I’m in the right hand lane of Highway 82 West. If legislation passes, it will be illegal to drive in the left hand lane unless you’re passing another vehicle.”

The amendment further limits the left lane to left turns and emergency purposes. Many local motorists we spoke with agree with the safety measure.

“The left lane should only be for passing only. When they pass, they should get back in the slower lane in the right lane. It keeps you from having to weave in and out of traffic.”

“It prevents accidents because everybody yields to the right. Then with the on-coming, they just get off more easily instead of crossing traffic. Also it leaves the lane open for emergency vehicles. ”

If lawmakers pass this bill, it will be the first time this traffic law has been amended in four decades.

House Bill 268 was drafted by House Representative Byrd Formby.