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Video: Quad Cycle 4000 Invention

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-A Starkville businessman has built an unusual vehicle.

Its part go cart, part cycle and could be seen in your neighborhood in the future.

Starkville chemist, videographer, and fix it person who often tinkers with gadgets, has put together sort of a hybrid vehicle he calls The Quad Cycle 4000.

“You can drive it as an electric vehicle with a lithium iron phosphate battery to power it. Or you can peddle it. At present it has a six speed peddling mechanism very similar to like a six speed bicycle,” andy Bryant, Quard Cycle 4000 Inventor.

Bryant apparently went shopping at his local hardware store and came up with the parts for his glorified little fun car.

“And so we opted to go with a very strong scheduled 40 PVC. Which has a great bit of strength, we have reinforced particular areas of the PVC with aluminum pipe,” said Bryant.

Already on the drawing board, a revised and more advanced model.

“The next one is going to have a canopy and we’ve done a bit of the diagram and the electrics to put a solar recharging unit that’ll be in the canopy of that,” said Bryant.

It took about six weeks to put together the quad cycle 4000.

But Bryant can do it in about one day.

The Starkville inventor is working on a single seat and even a four seat version of his creation.