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The former veteran radio announcer and veteran Vietnam Era Army Medic is also an author. His autobiographical book, Call Me Gullah: An American Heritage is available via amazon.com in paperback and kindle.

Video: World War I Marker Is Up

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- A permanent historic marker now stands on Hazelwood Road in West Point overlooking what was once Payne Field Aviation School.

Artifacts continue turning up at the site of the World War I military facility where cadet aviators flew training missions in their crude warbird known as Jennies.

In its heyday more than 50 buildings, including a hospital, were situated on the 533 acre site at White Station.

“It was only in operation for a short period of time in 1918. But there is a growing interest all over the world really about World War I cause its coming up on the 100 year anniversary,” said David Trojan, aviation historian.

“We just knew it was there and it was a  World War I training base but we didn’t know nearly the history of it that we know now,” said Kenny Hinshaw.

Some 1500 pilots trained at Payne Field before it closed March 1920.