17th annual ‘Get Swept Up’ event a success in Starkville

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) —  The annual “Get Swept Up” event took place Wednesday morning in Starkville, where hundreds of volunteers hit the streets to keep the city as clean as possible.

It was the first city-wide event since the pandemic.

Paige Watson, Special Events and Projects Coordinator for the Greater Starkville Development Partnership, said following CDC guidelines was a top priority.

“This event we only had to make one major modification,” she said. “Typically in years past, people can kind of gather and our office kind of serves as a hot spot. You know the meeting central place for the event. But this year what we did was we staggered those pick up times for supplies before so you know, we kept everything within state health guidelines.”

Watson said the pandemic didn’t impact the number of people who volunteered to help.

“It was right on track with any other year,”she said. “I want to say the most ever been 550 and this year, we had 529. So even despite COVID-19 there really wasn’t any big drop or anything like that. We actually probably had more participation than we have had in years past”

Watson said the game plan for those participating was pretty simple.

“For instance, the Starkville Rotary Club they always do Main Street,” said Watson. “So we try to keep businesses within their business area. And then a lot of other groups and organizations just keep the same street year after year so they kind a know where their spot is.”

Watson said it was great feeling to see the community come together, especially during a year that has impacted so many.

“Makes me personally feel really satisfied and know that I’m living in the right community,” said Watson. “I love Starkville so much. It’s kind of really truly incredible when you put it in those words after you know everything that these businesses went through and all the changes with everybody this year including students.”

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