19 Republicans joined Senate Democrats in voting for the infrastructure bill

Nineteen Republicans joined Senate Democrats to pass a major bipartisan bill to revamp the country’s physical infrastructure. Mississippi’s two senators were split on the decision. Sen. Roger Wicker voted in favor. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith voted against it. House members will have their chance to debate it when they are back in session. We talked to Congressman Trent Kelly today about the bill and whether he will vote in favor of it. “I doubt very seriously, I’ll support it, I very rarely support spending trillions of dollars and so I haven’t seen the bill in its completeness yet so I don’t know what amendments are what’s in there. We definitely need infrastructure, health, in America, so I’m for that. I’m not very comfortable with the price tag and not sure that we can do it at a better deal and a better rate,” said Congressman Kelly. The House is expected back from its recess in September.

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