2021 Tax questions that people have and haven’t asked

NORTH, Miss (WCBI)- It’s tax season again, and this year many people have a new challenge when it comes to filing a return.


From unemployment to stimulus checks to working from home, local accountants want to make sure their clients are on the right track.

It’s that time of year again as people plan to file their 2020 taxes, but this year it will be a little different, and local accountants are aware of that.

” The pandemic is definitely a hardship to many and when it comes to tax season it’s a hardship to many because a lot of people have been out of work,” said the accounting manager of ABS Tax in Macon, L.J. Brooks.

He says there are some things people should know when filing this year

“Individuals that get unemployment they must file it on their taxes, they will receive a 1099-G which is unemployment compensation,” said Brooks

“Stimulus money will have to be filed as well, it is government money it has to be filed and it will serve as a credit on your tax return,” said Brooks

Brooks and his staff are eager to work with those preparing to file their taxes and also want people to know they don’t just have to file for the past year.

“We’re still excited and ready to serve and ready to help people get the max of their refund,” said Brooks

“Individuals have the opportunity to file their wages from 2019 on their 2020 taxes that is a plus for a lot of Americans,” said Brooks

Columbus accountant, Brenda Martin, of M&M Tax Service also had some tips on how people should go about reporting for this past year.

“If you go out and you’re running errands in your car just for you from working from home you can write that mileage down and take those deductions, but it got to be for the business it can’t be for your personal stuff,” said Martin.

As for stimulus and unemployment money

“They have to be correct. The IRS goes over everybody tax return with a fine-tooth comb so it’s best not to try to fool them and add extra stuff you can’t prove”.

Brooks and Martin encourage people to be transparent about what they spent and what they owe.

The tax deadline for 2020 is Monday, April 15th.

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