36th annual Frostbite Race in full effect

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-The 36th annual Frostbite Race took place this morning in Starkville and folks lined up to run different distances and compete against friends, family, and others in the community.


“Starkville is just a great place to come and enjoy the weather and the comradery of races,” said participant Amber Mckenzie.

Though the event is known as the Frostbite race, runners were warmed up and ready to compete.

“I just wanted to get out there; I’ve been training, going to the gym I just wanted to see if I can actually go out there and get a respectful time,” said participant Jacob Baron.

The competition was strong for custom medals and the thrill of running came to most, but others used it as an opportunity to return to normalcy.

“We’ve all been looking for normalcy for a long time now it’s hard I don’t know if we’ll ever get back to normal, but this is kind of a way that we all get our normal,” said participant Tessa Capp.

“It’s been hard the last year not to do any events at all. No running, no biking, no triathlons,” said participant Cliff Story.

Story was hopeful for the event today.

“Just having an event that we can come to a social distance, be safe, run, have a good time, and be together,” said Story.

“Trying to find some type of normalcy again getting back into the events and being around other people,” said Mckenzie.

Owner of Chick- Fil- A in Starkville, Jonathan Rogers has been partnering with the race for the past three years. He felt that people were eager to get out of the house for the event.

“I think number-wise we’re really close to the attendance we had last year and so I think people took this opportunity to get outside in the fresh air and race just like we do every other year,” said Rogers.

He also had two goals for the race.

“My goal for today was to help provide the family atmosphere, that’s our desire at Chick-fil-a Starkville is to provide family memories and opportunities for our community to get together, but personally for the race I want to be fast but we’ll see how that goes”.

Rogers felt the event turned out larger than expected and is eager to make the race bigger and better for 2022.

Coordinators and participants say if you plan to participate in 2022 to begin training now.

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