4-County Electric pushing for the future of home building

4-County electric is offering incentives to home builders to make homes accommodate electric vehicles.

OKTIBEHHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and 4 County-Electric will incentivize home builders to make homes geared for the future of driving. Most EV’s are charged overnight at home and it requires level one or two chargers. 4-County recommends level 2, which uses a 240-volt circuit. Homebuilders in the 4-County area will receive a 100 dollar bonus for making a home EV ready.

WCBI asked general contractors Oktibehha County area what the housing landscape will look like in the next decade.

“Right now in the works for the next five years -you said ten but the next five we plan on having at least 75 more homes that are equipped with fast net internet, power plus, the car chargers,” said general contractor Frank Brewer. “Some with solar. Things like that just to be on the cutting edge.”

4-County provides more information on makes and models, ownership cost, and more right here. 

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