4-County gives simple maintenance tips for home energy efficiency

OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Air conditioning is one of the main sources that can dig a deep hole in your wallet.

But there are ways to keep your home cool for less.

On average it cost around $54 to heat your home.

While heating and cooling are some of the top energy consumption families use daily, it’s possible to use less energy and still be comfortable.

It’s no secret – it gets hot in Mississippi in the summer.

Most of us head indoors to escape the heat. But that comfort can often cause discomfort in your bank account.

Experts said there are little things and big things you can do to cut those bills.

It’s all about finding power solutions that work for you.

“Weatherizing your home a little bit, looking for those cracks around doors and windows. Where plumbing penetration is under sinks and where your water heater is and replacing your HVAC,” said 4-County PR Manager Jon Turner.

Even something as simple as curtains can help.

“If you have west and east-facing windows they’re are going to get sun for a good portion of the day,” said Turner.

There’s also simple maintenance, such as changing your air filters every three months.

“The more dust that gets on there, the harder it is to push that airflow through a filter. the harder that your unit has to work. So it means it’s working harder and using more energy and it also tends to shorten the lifespan of that unit,” said Turner.

But, it’s going to take more than home improvements, it depends on how you live.

“You can set your thermostat a little higher in the summertime so your air conditioner doesn’t run; you may be uncomfortable and you might not like that. You make the choice to run it down but the more you run your air conditioner that’s probably the biggest driver of your electric bill especially during the summertime,” said Turner.

Turner said the recommended setting for thermostats is 78 degrees.

“That may be really hot for a lot of people. So again, it’s that comfort versus cost. If you’re not comfortable at 78, cut it down some, but understand when you do that it’ll probably cost you a little bit more money,” said Turner.

Turner said there is a 4-County app you can download that will send daily alerts of how much energy you’re using.

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