4County Prepares to Send Lineman Teams to Gulf Coast


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – 4County Electric is set to send a team of linemen to the Gulf Coast for Tropical Storm Gordon relief.

The two 7-man teams are being sent to help Singing River electric, which serves around 73,000 people in the Gulf Coast area.

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While fixing power outages is what linemen are trained for, in a hurricane situation, these teams need to be ready for anything.

“It’s kind of like what we do day-to-day, you know, but it’s a storm situation where you’re going to help,” said foreman for 4County, Eric Yarbrough. “In your mind, you know, you never know what to expect, but we got a good group of guys. With safety being number one, we can just get down there, get our boots on the ground, and lend a helping hand.”

The teams set out at seven o’clock Wednesday morning.