63-year-old wedding photo creates new memories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the mystery surrounding a photo taken in 1956 has added more words to the phrase.

Who this picture exactly belonged to remained a mystery.

It was found in a creek in Pickens County, Alabama, believed to have washed up after a storm.

No matter the circumstances, one thing Toby and JoAnn Hodges believed was that there’s a reason the photo was found.

“I’m just awe-stricken. I really don’t know what to even think or say. It made me get out my pictures and make sure I have wedding pictures,” said JoAnn Hodges.

It was December 29, 1956, when the dashing photo of Mr. and Mrs. Hodges was snapped.

“It’s hard to believe. I just don’t know where it came from. It’s our wedding reception picture. It’s in good shape, whoever had it. God protected it in the water I guess so we could have a reunion together with this picture,” said Hodges.

The picture was blown in by the high winds on a stormy Easter Sunday. Jennifer Manning’s son found the photograph of the Hodges in a creek by her home.

“I posted it to Facebook hoping to find somebody who knew who the couple was,” said Manning.

After several shares on Facebook, we tracked down Toby and JoAnn Hodges. They’re still puzzled by how the picture ended up across the state line.

“I can remember that picture being made. Some of them I know. The wedding pictures were made right there.”

“I didn’t really ask what size it was. I got to thinking maybe it was a little one, then I thought what if it was an 8 x 10. I don’t know anybody who would have found a picture in McShan, Alabama,” said Hodges.

The photo looked unscathed as if it was protected. For JoAnn, that meant the picture was discovered for a purpose.

“The preservation of the picture just shows me a lot more about God. How he protects us, how he preserves us. For what reason he wanted me to see his power in bringing this picture here. I got to meet Jennifer, and WCBI, Scott. It’s just unreal,” said Hodges.

The Hodges were barely in their 20s when they married. Their love story started as a double date. This past December they celebrated 63 years of marriage.

This is their thousand words. The beginning of so much love, strength, and hope.

“The special part of the story is that Mr. and Mrs. Hodges has been married for 63 years. It’s rare to find a marriage that has lasted that long,” said Manning.

“It’s hard to put into words at how awesome this is. That this happened for such a time as this. There was a bad storm. We’re in a bad crisis..I guess I have to say this is a miracle,” said Hodges.

The Hodges hoped that they figure out who had the photo of them from their wedding day so they can give it back.

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