Where’s George? Local canine brings Eupora community together


EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI) – They say every dog has its day.

Dogs like Lassie and Benjie. There’s Rin Tin Tin and Toto from the Wizard of Oz. There’s Disney’s Tramp and even Beethoven.

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In Eupora, every day is a good day to be a dog.

George is the town celebrity – with dedicated social media and photographers watching his every move, but no matter how well known he is…

At its heart, this is a story about a very good boy – and all of his friends.

On Mondays, you might see George at Nabor’s Home Center in Eupora.

On Tuesdays, he can usually be spotted at Dabb’s Pharmacy.

On Wednesdays, George can be found enjoying a hot biscuit from Mama Guinn’s.

No matter where this 4-year-old pup goes, he doesn’t meet a stranger.

“He comes here very often, and you see him roam around town. There’s a Facebook group called Where’s George. We keep up with him. If you see him, you take a picture of him, post where he was, what he was doing,” said Dabbs Family Pharmacy clerk, Sidney Bailey.

Janet Sweatman just opened her restaurant four months ago. She said George was one of her first customers.

“Pretty quickly after we opened up, George found the back door and… he knows where the biscuits are,” said Sweatman.

As it turns out, man’s best friend… has a lot of friends.

“Usually once a week, he’s by here in the mornings a lot of times when I get here or usually in the afternoons, but sometimes it’s two or three times a week, and he sleeps out front by the front door,” said Nabors Home Center sales associate, Stacey Farley.

“George just became a family… a family member, so all we got to say is, here comes George! And there he goes,” said Mama Guinn’s waitress, Tasha Hull.

To an out of towner, George may look like a stray, but to the folks in Eupora, that’s not the case.

“We thought he was just a stray dog. We didn’t know where he came from,” said Sweatman.

“Oh we love George here, we do. We do, we love him,” said Farley.

“He’s not lost. He is the town dog,” said Bailey.

Wherever George goes in Eupora, he’s sure to be greeted with a smile, a back rub, and maybe a treat or two.

“He comes around and doesn’t bother anyone and visits everybody and goes on his merry way,” said Sweatman.

“He just brings joy… that’s it. Just joy, he brings so much joy,” said Hull.

One thing is for certain, George isn’t lost– he’s just visiting.

George’s owners, Gayle and Earl Baker said George showed up in their yard in 2017, and their life hasn’t been the same since.

George is a Great Pyrenees and Lab mix.