6th annual Wings Over Winston air show takes flight

During the event, people can be seen walking on the wings of the plane while it is in full aviation.

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s that time of year again. Wings Over Winston is here.

The sixth annual Wings Over Winston air show is taking flight, bringing in people from all over the country and Canada.

“I’ve been getting calls from all over the southeast, people wanting to fly in for the show,” said Coordinator Mike Forster.

“Out of all the air shows across Canada and the U.S., this is my favorite airshow,” said Wing-Walk Pilot Stefan Trischuk.

During the event, people can be seen walking on the wings of the plane while it is in full aviation.

“It’s like a medicine to me,” said Wing-Walker Joe Bender. “If I don’t wing-walk through the winter, I’m always real pumped up to go at the beginning of the season. There’s a real drive there to do it.”

Those putting on the show said they wanted to entertain, awe, and inspire people.

“You’re watching them to see if you’re entertaining them or not, are you making them happy, getting excited, that’s what it’s all about,” said Airshow Performer Greg Koontz.

“What we do up in the air is unique, exciting. And we want people, especially young people to be excited,” said Vertigo Airshow Pilot Bob Carlton. “This is something they may want to try, get into aviation, engineering, that sort of thing.”

But Wing-Walkers and pilots said there’s been a drought for aspiring pilots in recent years.

“We are hurting for pilots, the whole aviation industry needs pilots,” Carlton said. “It is not just the pilots, there is a whole lot involved with this that involves design, engineering and science, and new capabilities.”

“We need future aviators, especially the young ones,” said Wing-Walker Carol Pilon. “Go to school, get your sciences, do your math, and come fly with us.”

Coordinator Mike Forster said the show brings in people from all over which is good for the economy. However, the part that makes it all worth it is the show itself.

“We’ve got a great local airport that supports our business development and economic development,” Forster said. “As hard as we have to work to put on this show. When I see the smiles on their face and these children looking up in the sky, it’s all worth it.”

Wings Over Winston will continue throughout October 14 at the Louisville-Winston County Airport.

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