Community banking vital to local banks


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Do you remember the time when you had to actually go inside the bank to do any type of transaction? Making a deposit or withdraw.

Thanks to technology banking is made more convenient.

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What’s not changed is customer service. Banks have just had to find a way to navigate ways to offer customer service both personal and interpersonal.

It seems as if everything is turning automated. Even banking.

“Bank Branches aren’t going away. You Just have to utilize them a little
different than we did in the past,” said President and CEO of BankFirst Moak Griffin.

Balancing a checkbook. Who does that?

“With mobile banking and online banking, we all have access to our data 24/7,” said Giffin.

Even Bank First President and CEO Moak Griffin admits…the convenience is something he’s
grabbed onto.

Banks are now forced to design a whole new way of customer service to those opting to bank online or mobile. Griffin says mobile banking is the most used.

“With all technologies, there’s going to be issues right? So you really have to shine when
there’s a customer issue, whether it’s mobile banking, online, a debit card issue. When you
have those, the number customer service is responding to those issues quickly,” said Griffin.

In turn, Griffin says that brings in loyal customers. Some of those loyal customers still prefer going into the bank to do business.

“Some people, it’s pretty amazing enjoy going to the bank, they enjoy seeing the same tellers they’ve seen every week, day or many, many years,” said Griffin.

Griffin says Bank First continues to strive for the best customer service inside the bank. They’ve just had to adapt to a new audience. Which will continue to change as technology advances. Some banks Griffin says have adopted video teller machines.

“One great thing about that is banks can have extended hours in the drive-through but you don’t have to have a physical presence inside the bank,” said Griffin.

It all boils down a few easy steps to keep a customer happy. Which Griffin says is the main goal when it comes to community banking.

“The service comes in quick response, quick answers, return phone calls. They’re pretty simple things.In the world of technology those personal touches are being lost, but if you can be good at the simple things, you can shine as far as customer service goes,” said Griffin.

BankFirst is celebrating a milestone this summer. The branch turns 132 this June.