Emergency responders run full-scale active shooter drill in Columbus


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI ) – Lowndes County emergency resources ran a full-scale active shooter drill at Windsor Place.

Windsor Place teamed up with Columbus emergency responders to practice what to do if an active shooter were to come on the campus.

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Employees were instructed to set up a public information officer for medical documents and necessities for their families.

The police and fire department and EMS were tested on their response time arriving to the scene and disarming the gunman.

Columbus Police Chief Fred Shelton said the drill will help save lives of nursing home residents and employees.

“Our goal is to see how well we get in there, and how well we work together. We’ll see how we get in there and clear the building, because EMS can’t go in until the scene is secure so we want to practice our capability of getting in there, getting in there real quick and getting the scene contained to the people that need help,” said Chief Shelton.

Chief Shelton said those emergency services will try to rehearse the drill as often as they can.