A barge has struck the Bevil Lock and Dam in Pickensville

PICKENSVILLE,Ala. (WCBI)- A barge has struck the Bevil Lock and Dam in Pickensville

Justin Murphree, with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, says residents in Pickensville and Lowndes County along the Tenn-Tom waterway should prepare for possible flooding.

This includes neighborhoods like Pirate Cove and Nashville Ferry Road in Lowndes county and Pumpkin Creek in Pickensville.

Folks who live in those low-lying areas are moving to higher ground.

“Yesterday we really thought we were going to be okay until we found out about the barge hitting this dam so it jumped up between 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock this morning and it jumped high it jumped high quick so the whole community as a whole managed together
and moved everything out.. It’s not a one person project it’s a everybody project everybody pitched in and did it and without everybody’s help it wasn’t going to happen,” said resident Bran Massengale.

Murphree says the water is expected to rise another foot during the day.

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