A century old house is being renovated in Eupora

The house has was built over a century ago and a new home owner plans to keep the significance up to speed

EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI)- Renovation is underway for one historic home in Eupora.  The house has was built over a century ago and a new home owner plans to keep the significance up to speed.

Mississippi is known for its landmarks, southern history, and the great folks who keep the Magnolia State going. In Eupora, residents are being reminded of a local structure just down the street.

“The people love the history of the town they want to keep it in tact and so restoring this house and other homes around the community you start seeing that community bubble up and people are getting involved,” said mayor Blake McMullan.

Mayor McMullan has lived in Eupora nearly 20 years. Before he was elected into office, he noticed features in the city that needed touch-ups; so, six months into his term his team took action.

“The number one need in Eupora is housing and so we’ve created a property maintenance group and we’re going around finding property owners and working with them on cleaning up and restoring properties. We found this house and contacted the owner and realized that she was ready to sell and move on from the house,” said McMullan.

One of the oldest homes in Eupora sits on Dunn Street. The house was built back in 1909, and the son of the original owner’s name is still inscribed on the sidewalk.

After 113 years, a new owner, Odie Avery, is giving this landmark a face lift.

“It’s a home that I watched growing up in this community in this neighborhood. My grandparents used to live right down the street and I always thought if I ever had the chance I might purchase this house and try to do something with it,” said Avery.

Avery purchased the house in late December of 2021. He has already begun the renovation process tearing down walls and ceilings; while having a few helping hands to get the job done.

“I have family members and friends helping me out, some really great neighbors that have volunteered along the way, but I will be bringing in contractors for specific parts of rebuilding the house,” said Avery.

McMullan and Avery have compared Eupora’s quality of life from the late 80’s to the early 2000’s, and they’re hopeful this renovation project can jump start more upcoming projects.

“It’s some great leadership in town that really wants to see the town thrive again and I want to be a part of that so if rebuilding this house and bringing it back to it’s former glory can be a part and stimulate people to do the same thing. That’s what i’m here for and excited about.  I think this town has great potential and I’m ready to see it thrive again,” said Avery.

The home is expected to be fully renovated by 2024.  To follow the renovation process from beginning to end click here.

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