A couple in Artesia creates mentorship program for students

The youth is the future and people want to see them excel

ARTESIA, Miss. (WCBI)- The youth is the future and people want to see them excel.

A local couple created a mentoring program to navigate young adults on the path of achievement

On Saturday, kids in Artesia enrolled in a monthly program to help develop a plan to accomplish their goals. High school students around the Golden Triangle met at the Artesia Community Center.

“Get them to establish goals get them to figure out where they want to go in life and to project themselves into the future of where they want to be essentially and we do that through mentoring,” said co founder of “Creative Minds” Jemel Alexander.

Jemel and Vemitra Alexander are the founders of the group; their goal was to help point kids in the right direction.

“You can do anything you want to do in your life, but make sure you have a backup plan because your first goal may not work out like that, but you can do whatever you want to,” said student Kam Evans.

The duo plans to mentor kids through school and life.  The Alexander’s plan to teach students how to prepare for tests like the ACT and to get them exposure to different college campuses around the state.

“I think exposure is key and representation matters so for them to be able to go on a trip with people look like them. It matters and it’s going to go a long way,” said Alexander.

Limited resources in a small town has been a challenge over years; so, the mentors steer students to success even beyond the classroom.

“We’re going to provide that advice that students need. We’re going to provide guidance that they need and we’re just going to be there for them even when they may hit a hard spot we’re going to be there to help lift them up and help guide them through the whole process of high school to college them from college to the workforce,” said Alexander.

Alexander said donations are welcome by all families.

“Helping them really and truly find their way that’s one of our goals. We want to be able to put them in places so they can go on and be great citizens and give back to their communities one day like we’re doing,” said Alexander.

The group plans to meet again in Artesia on February 19th. For families that want to get their child involved call 662-352-6385.

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