A family comes together to renovate area in Lowndes County

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A family is coming together to revitalize a mobile home park that some say has seen better days.

If you are driving up Highway 373 near Columbus Air Force Base, you may notice renovations taking place.

One family has traveled from many cities to come together and restore an area of Lowndes County.

Ron Luce has worked on homes for years and decided that Columbus was the perfect place.

“We really enjoy trying to make better living situations for people that can’t afford to buy a home yet and everyone deserves to live with dignity and a safe place that they look forward to coming home to,” said Ron Luce.

While there are only a few people currently living in the mobile homes, Katie Luce said it’s worth restoring.

“I don’t think anything is a lost cause when people are living there. Because people aren’t a lost cause. Everyone deserves dignity and a safe place to live to raise their families and to enjoy coming back to,” said Katie Luce.

Ron and Katie’s daughter, Charity Luce Colon, said as they work on the houses every day they can see the beauty in the area and they can’t wait to help revive the area.

“There are so many beautiful and historical buildings and forests in Columbus and from what I hear of back in the ’70s and 80’s this area was really taken care of and all of the homes were occupied and there are still people who have lived here for over a decade who love being out here because its a little quieter, and we are just trying to restore it to its former glory,” said Colon.

Teamwork makes the dream work. And each member of the family brings their own unique skill set to the project.

“My husband is a designer and carpenter and builder and he’s doing all types of things and he’s doing the plumbing and stuff and my brother is out here painting and my dad is out here doing a little bit of everything and my mom is doing some of the design elements and I’m working with them and making everything legal and doing hospitality stuff for our crew,” said Colon.

And while the family is not from Mississippi they understand why it’s called the Hospitality State and they’re confident in what they are investing in.

“It’s been really fun to get out here and explore the area and enjoy the vibe and how kind and warm people are,” said Colon.

The Luce family says they plan to have a few of the homes newly renovated by the end of the week.

If you are interested in the homes you can call 662-328-1123 for more details.

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