A family is fighting to their loved one’s killer behind bars

In 1991 a young man in Grenada lost his life while working at a convenience store

GRENADA, Miss. (WCBI)- In 1991 a young man in Grenada lost his life while working at a convenience store. 31 years later, his killer is being released on parole.

On May 6, 1991, the city of Grenada was shaken by a shooting that killed 21-year-old Bert Bell.

His younger brother Gene was a sophomore in high school at that time, but still remembers the day his brother died.

Frederick Bell, with no relation to Gene or Bert, was one of two men who robbed the store where Bert was working. Frederick Bell shot Bert nine times, and Gene Bell says it didn’t stop there.

“Frederick Bell and Anthony Doss both fled the scene from there and went to Memphis Tennessee where they also robbed another convenience store and shot and killed the clerk there where they shot him 17 times,” said Gene Bell.

Frederick Bell was charged with capital murder and sentenced to death in 1993; he was later resentenced to life in prison.

Now, the Mississippi Parole Board has granted Frederick Bell parole, and that’s raising concerns with some state lawmakers and the family of Bert Bell.

“From death row to his scheduled execution in 2010 to a stay of execution by the governor then to pleading that he’s mentally retarded and mentally unable to cope with society to resentencing because he was able to get deemed mentally unable to parole hearing beginning in 2015 to a release in 2022,” said Bert Bell.

When 2022 approached.. the fight to keep his brother’s killer behind bars kicked into high gear.

“Two years ago we began to get a 12-month offset only which means that for my family we’re in Jackson in front of a parole board every 10 months so every 10 months it’s recurring it’s the same thing, so you relive May the 6th of 1991 all over again, you’re devastated, not that you’re devastated every day of your life but you’re re devastated all over again for the brutality of that day. It’s never-ending,” said Gene Bell.

Just over 31 years after Bert’s death, Fredrick Bell is set to be released Monday, September 26, 2022.

Frederick Bell is 51 years old and Gene Bell said he’s in good health. He believes that’s a concern to others besides his family.

“It’s not what Gene Bell wants to be done it’s not done I have malice in my heart towards this or anything else, that’s not the issue here. The issue is public safety for me, for you, and for all the other law-abiding citizens. It’s not a partisan issue between a democrat and republican that’s not what we’re talking about, We’re talking about public safety,” said Gene Bell.

Gene Bell was on the phone with Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson when I arrived at his home. He said he’s trying to get his concerns to the governor before Monday so his brother’s killer won’t be able to cause anyone else any harm.

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