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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Shelly Gore and her 2 girls, 9 year old Jayla and 11 year old McKenzie are lucky to be alive, after escaping a house fire early Friday morning.

“I was in a deep sleep. And I didn’t know what was going on. I woke up around 4 a.m. to the smoke alarm and my room was full of smoke,” says Gore.

Shelly discovered the smoke was coming from her bedroom closet. She quickly got up and ran to get her girls.

Jayla thought her mother was telling her to get ready for school.

“The only time my mom really hollers is when we’re late for school. So I thought it was time for the bus to come so I just went back to sleep and when I heard “fire” I jumped up so quick I almost fell out of the bed. I was so scared, I was like trembling,” says Jayla.

After she knew her girls were safely out of the house, Shelly turned back in, to get their belongings, something that scared Jayla.

“I was trying to tell my mom to come on out the house because she was trying to get something out of her room, but I didn’t want her to die,” says Jayla.

“They were scared, and I think they’re still alittle shaken up from it. I was scared, you know, I was just glad I could get to them and get out,” says Shelly Gore.

The house turned out to be a total loss.

“I lost all my toys. And my favorite clothes and stuff,” says McKenzie.

The family is happy they survived, but even Jayla admits, it’s still hard to believe everything they had, is now gone.

“Sometimes I still feel like crying and now I won’t leave my mom. Yesterday, I wouldn’t leave her. I would just stay with her all day,” says Jayla.

But in the midst of sadness, people in the community are stepping up to help.

” We don’t have anything and one lady she gave me and my sister $100 yesterday. That’s how we have these outfits that we have on. My mom bought that sweatsuit. That’s the only thing she has now,” says Jayla.

Although they’ve lost their material possessions, Shelly says she has what’s most important: her life and her daughters.

“It brought us closer and cause things happen and you can’t predict them. And who would’ve known we went to bed Thursday night and we’d wake up Friday morning in a fire,” says Shelly.

If you would like to help the Gore family, you can contact the Lowndes County American Red Cross, or call the Gore family directly. The number is (662) 352-1592.

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