A golf tournament helps raise money for recovering addicts

A second chance is what many people need in life

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- A second chance is what many people need in life. The Dream Center Golden Triangle does it best to offer that to folks throughout the area. On Monday, April 25, 2022, the organization hosted a golf tournament that would help benefit men in recovery.

Mossy Oak Golf Club was filled with people taking their best shots to give others that second chance. The Mission in West Point is a 12 month rehab center for men recovering from addiction, and they work hand in hand with the Dream Center Golden Triangle.

The first Dream Cup Golf Classic teed off to help give those men a second chance in life.

“My second chance was coming to the mission and them helping me find a new way of life that’s the second chance I needed. That’s something I didn’t know anything about until I got to the mission because staying on drugs was the lifestyle I knew,” said recovering addict Justin Hardison.

22 teams played the 18-hole course trying to win the top spot, but for officials, it was much bigger than that.

” You have these giants of companies that come out here and support this and it really ensures the sustainability of an event like this going forward. These men are getting themselves credentials, they’re getting an education and we’re putting them to work at employers that are sponsoring this event,” said Dream Center Golden Triangle executive director Cole Bryan.

Roughly $30,000 was raised to help get the men the care they need while they’re in the program.  Bryan said he planned to make the tournament an annual event because he knew how life-changing it is to the men.

Bryan hopes the tournament serves as a way to get folks in the community to help the guys get their second swing.

“I’d just like to invite people to come see what we’re doing with the men. If you don’t believe in second chances please and you come to our facility and you meet these men you can’t help but leave believing in second chances,” said Bryan.

Bryan believes the event will bring more people out next year and the awareness for recovery will grow as the crowd at the tournament grows.

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