A local college student shares tips to starting a business

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – While most college students try to focus on school and maybe a job.

For 21-year-old Kaisha Baker, there’s another check on her list; starting her own business.

“So this is something extra I wanted to do in my free time. Whenever I get off work, I either do homework or think of other things, other products I can order for my customers,” Baker said.

Baker opened her business “The Pretty Project” back in January. Her mother inspired her to reach her dreams.

On Saturday morning, dozens gathered to sell fashion items, cosmetics, and accessories.

“Sometimes it can be overwhelming. She gets frustrated but I keep pushing her. I let her know that you can do anything you put your mind to. So she has to stop, think, and keep on going,” said Baker’s mother, Wanda Jefferson.

“She just pushes me harder. ‘Kaisha, you know you got to do this, you got to do that.’ It gets on my nerves sometimes, but you know,” said Baker.

Even though this workload does seem like a lot for Kaisha, her mother Wanda said her daughter is learning valuable lessons from juggling school, work, and the new business.

“In life, she going to have to be responsible. You know, she’s 21 now so she’s learning. So the reason I think it’s important is because she’s going to have to know those things in life,” Jefferson said. “It means that I’m doing my job as a mother to teach her how to be responsible, how to be her own boss and I push her and I let her know whatever she tries to do or wants to do, just do it. just go out there and do it,” said Jefferson.

” I love it, even though it gets tiring at times and stressful, I love, I love my business. I love having a business. I’m still learning. It’s progress. But, I’m getting there slowly but surely,” said Baker.

Kaisha’s business made its in-person debut today at the Coco Center.

Over 15 vendors from the surrounding counties attended the event.

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