A local restaurant looks to celebrate its four decades of service!

Harvey's will celebrate 40 years and will have a nice treat to show its gratitude to customers.

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- A local restaurant has nearly made it to four decades of serving customers. Harvey’s will celebrate 40 years on Wednesday February 2, 2022, and will have a nice treat to show its gratitude to customers.

40 years later and Harvey’s continues to serve diners a “difference they can taste.” That’s the mantra the restaurant mixes into every meal and it’s what loyal customers have come to expect.

“It’s an amazing place always has been always an incredible atmosphere always a good place you want to go at dinner or lunch time,” said customer Douglas Martin.

“Anytime we have business or people in town we’re always at Harveys. It’s right down the road and has great service,” said customer Glenn Lingle.

The original Harvey’s was built in Starkville. 3 years later they opened this location in Columbus that recently underwent renovation; then the company took Harvey’s to Tupelo in 1989.

“Harvey’s started in 1982 over in Starkville it started at a hotel and it was kind of more of night club with live music and thing like that and it kind of quickly began to evolve into of a casual dining restaurant with a bar inside of it,” said general manager Bryant Bean.

Bean said the restaurant has gone through many changes over the years, but one thing has stayed over the last four decades.

“We’ve definitely evolved over the years but we have always focused on making our guests happy and creating great memories for them and although the menu might have changed a little bit and we might have renovated some that’s always been our mission,” said Bean.

Like other restaurants in the area, Harvey’s had to make some adjustments during the pandemic, but Jordan Tarter with the Eat With Us Group said they’ve learned some valuable lessons; and it had nothing to do with food.

“I think it really taught us to all be a family that was the biggest thing. During that time I was a server and it was hard but it really taught you to lean on your people because you’re together all the time and when you’re going through something crazy you’re going to remember the people you’re with,” said Tarter.

Bean and the staff are looking forward to spending it doing what they love: serving good food as a family.

“We’re just excited to be able to celebrate with our guests you know we wouldn’t be here without our guests and they’ve supported us for 40 years and so we’re excited to celebrate with them,” said Bean.

Harvey’s will celebrate Wednesday by offering 40% off everything on the menu. The special is for dine-in customers only.

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