A Louisville man is found dead

WINSTON COUNTY,Miss. (WCBI)-A Louisville man has been found dead and police investigators are trying to find out what happened.

Hunters found the body of 32-year-old Jarvis Eichelberger around 4p.m. Thursday afternoon off Baremore Street.

Officers have collected several pieces of evidence of hopefully lead them to a suspect.

As of now, officers are questioning one person in connection to the crime.

On Thursday night, Louisville Police Chief Sean  Holdiness says a group of hunters made the gruesome discovery.

Holdiness says Eichelberger was last seen Wednesday evening. Soon, he’ll become the victim of a homicide.

” Yesterday at approximately 4:25p.m., we received a phone call from an individual that lives off Baremore Street that is here inside the city limits of Louisville. They come upon a mound of pine straw and what appeared to be feet sticking out of the bottom of the pine straw,” said Holdiness.

After arriving to the crime scene, officers began the investigation of what led to Eichelberger’s death.

” When we started to pull the debris from the body, there were several suspicious markings on the individual and what appeared to be a small bullet wound to the back of his head,”said Holdiness.

That’s when officers suspected foul play.

” We immediately called the crime scene unit with the state and investigator with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Winston County Coroner’s office. We also brought in a metal detector and other things to kind of go through out the office looking for any evidence,”said Holdiness.

Holdiness says a suspect has not yet been arrested,but citizens have led officers to a someone who is possibly connected to the crime.

” We were processing the scene and of course this is a small community, small town information just started coming in really rapidly. Due to this information, a person of interest was developed and investigators went and tried to make contact with this individual. He is being held in custody right now, ” said Holdiness.

The investigation is still in the early stages of development and a motive has not been determined.

” It is disheartening for a small community like Louisville and I wish we could do better,” said Holdiness.

An autopsy will be performed in Pearl.

If you have any information call Louisville Police Department or Winston County Crime Stoppers.

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