A popular drug store in Macon moves into a temporary building

Macon City Drug is running normal operations again

NOXUBEE COUNTY,Miss. (WCBI)- A popular drug store in Macon returns.

The original structure of Macon City Drug collapsed back a month ago, leaving dozens without a pharmacy to get their medicine.

The phone is ringing off the hook…

And the line is almost out the door.

” It’s been crazy we’ve been slammed packed and busy pretty much everyday. We have some slow parts of the day but we’ve been pretty jammed packed,” said Layla Franks.

Macon City Drug is running normal operations again.

Back in February, a devastating incident collapsed the building—leaving behind a heap of debris.

Owner Bill Bell thought all was lost.

But with a few lending hands and the help of the community, the pharmacist opened the doors within three days.

” The accident happened on Thursday. The community has been very supportive. We had many pitch-in and many say they were praying for us. By Monday morning, we were able to fill prescriptions. I think about how fortunate we were that no one was seriously injured and the workers will see a recovery,” said Bill Bell.

And the new location isn’t hard to find. It’s sits in the back of the store, literally.

” We had a storeroom that wasn’t damaged. Fortunately, we were able to move quickly and be back up in business Monday morning at 8 o’clock. We have inventory that was lost, some prescription inventory that was lost. We were able to reorder and restock pretty quick,” said Bell.

Loyal customers, like TJ Conner, visit the drug store weekly.

” We really rely on them to get our medicine from around the area. Glad to see them back in business. It could’ve been very serious because without the drugstore here,we’ll have to travel to Columbus and other areas like that,” said customer TJ Conner.

” That’s the positive of a small town. When something happens to a business that is used by a large population in they all rally by each other,” said Bell.

Macon City Drug will release relocation plans soon.


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