A Starkville liquor store is offering delivery services for the town

Alcohol delivered to your door at the tip of your fingers

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Most people are familiar with services like Door Dash or Grubhub to get food delivered to their door.

Mississippi passed a bill to allow liquor stores to offer that same service on July 1, 2021. The bulldog package store in Starkville started the service last weekend and anticipates more traction in the coming weeks.

Store owner Ashley Ray said delivering alcohol not only helps the community with increased revenue but it’s an effort to keep the streets safe.

“We strive to have everything and the first to have things so we really strive to be leaders in our field and we’re very excited. I think this is going to be great for the city of Starkville as well as the state of Mississippi just to produce more revenue and keep streets safe,” said Ray.

Ray felt that her store was established enough to be the first to start the service in Mississippi.

“We have established a name for ourselves to where if there’s something you’re looking for whether it’s something you drink every day you can come here to find those allocated items,” said Ray.

It’s not a one-man job though. The store partnered with an agency known as Booze Cruise that started once the law allowing liquor delivery passed. They expect a definite increase in volume with the Bulldogs taking on LSU at home.

“We hope to get a few more orders than we did last weekend we were happy with the order volume we did get. I mean it’s just like any new thing it’s just going to take a little time for word of mouth and people to get comfortable using it since the whole concept is so new to the state of Mississippi,” said the Booze Cruise franchise owner Jordan Stong.

Stong said once you download the app the rest is pretty easy.

“The customer will order whatever they want through the booze cruise app, the store will get the order, and then one of our drivers will go pick up the order and deliver it to that person’s home,” said Ray.

Booze Cruise will charge a delivery fee that will serve as a tip to the driver but for the first couple of weeks, it will be free to gain more business for the drivers; but they won’t be the only ones delivering drinks for much longer.

“When we start working with smugglers, which will be happening in about two weeks, we have people here that work for us that will be delivering straight to your door from our store,” said Ray.

Booze cruise offers delivery service for the 76 gas stations in Starkville as well. When the driver does arrive at the door they will scan your ID before giving you the drink.

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