Video: A Tupelo Adoption Agency Need Good Homes For Orphans

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TUPELO, Miss.(WCBI)-The adoption process can be long and expensive for couples… but one Tupelo adoption agency is trying to make the process a little less stressful.

Whit and Leanne Lewis spent years going through in vitro fertilization before turning to adoption. They both decided to look into adopting twin boys from Russia.

“I got to meet these beautiful boys and just fell in love with them as soon as I saw them in an email picture. In June…August 2012 got to fly over meet with them spend the week with them in their orphanages,” says Whit Lewis.

Months later the courts awarded rights to the couple for them to adopt the twins on January 11th. Little did they know Russia’s adoption ban would go into affect just days before they could bring their sons home.

“We were right there. We had met them. We thought those were the boys we were bringing home, but through that given sometime that’s when we decided to look again,” says Leanne Lewis.

That’s when they turned to an adoption agency in Tupelo… New Beginnings. Within a short time they were united with their son Harrison.

New beginnings is an adoption agency the helps pair international and domestic children with families throughout Mississippi.

In recent months…Tom Velie… the President of the agency says they are looking for good homes for orphans from Poland and Taiwan.

“The Polish programs suddenly started giving us more children enlisted availability for adoption than anticipated and unexpectedly door open in Taiwan for us to get some of old children sibling groups out,” says Tom Velie.

One way they are trying to spread the news is by connecting with churches in Northeast Mississippi.

“We do have at least one family in our congregation that is very eagerly looking for adoption. There are others in our community that are as well. We want to talk this information and take back to Amory and our community and let them know just how available this particular option is for families,” says Pastor Stanley Blaylock.

Whether you are searching for an international child or domestic…New Beginnings is there to provide a child with a forever home.

New Beginnings is one of only two Hague accredited adoption agencies in Mississippi which prevents abduction, exploitation, sale, or trafficking of children.

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