A Tupelo artist has redefined his artistic ability

He started doing canvas and salt art in high school before branching out

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)-  When it comes to creating art; there’s no limit for Joshua Vaughn.

The 21-year-old Tupelo native is a up and coming entrepreneur. He started doing canvas and salt art in high school before branching out.

“I tried going outside of my lines of typical art as people would say and pretty much just doing whatever idea that came to my head,” said Vaughn.

When Vaughn entered college, his art developed into more hands-on pieces. Now, he does haircuts, photography, and even creates tattoos. After spending several years working in retail, Vaughn decided to build his own business; that’s when he quit his job and started working on his craft.

“I didn’t have a remedy I didn’t have a formula it was just pretty much in the moment of not knowing what I was doing where I accidentally did one of the greatest things of my life. Either you have a plan and it works or sometimes you just don’t have a plan and it still works, but I do thank God for everything though,” said Vaughn.

Now, citizens can find Vaughn shooting photography or cutting hair in Downtown Tupelo. He said the covid-19 pandemic impacted his business, but like many business owners he found a way to get clients in the door.

While some days are tougher than others; one key element seems to Vaughn on the path to success.

“Family is everything, I was always taught that at a very young age to never turn your back on family sometimes in the midst of doing everything I can sometimes get caught up with things, but I always have to bring myself back to home and realize family is always first,” said Vaughn.

In the next five years, the Tupelo artist wants to see his creations spread throughout the community.

“Just get better at my artistic ability I want to get better and better with my communication skills you know I just want to knock down barriers that are in my life right now and not ever look back on them. I also just want to save a little bit more, saving is key in life and to do more you have to have a little bit more,” said Vaughn.

Vaughn encouraged his peers to help navigate the youth; so in the future they won’t hesitant to make their dreams a reality.

“To the younger generation I would say with talent and everything especially the minorities never doubt yourself take advantage of your opportunities when people come into your life always use them as resources and never burn a bridge,” said Vaughn.


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