Aberdeen locals host spirit parade for cancer patient


ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) — The love and support from family can make you feel you can accomplish anything. That’s the case for Charles Spratt, who just began his battle with lung cancer.

Family and close friends of Charles Spratt took to the streets Sunday afternoon to give love and encouragement.

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After finding out about his cancer diagnosis, Spratt’s niece and daughter decided to do something a little special for him.

“It was last minute, like a week ago, my cousin texted me and said let’s do a parade, and I said OK,” said Tabitha Franks, Spratt’s daughter. “So I got in contact with his friends and my cousin got in contact with family, the other side of the family, and we put it all together.”

“His daughter Tabitha helped me and we just got it all together, all the friends and family just came together and wanted to show him how much we love him and care for him,” said Shana Robertson, Spratt’s niece.

“He’s not going to say it and it’s going to be hard for him to express it but it does,” said Franks.

And Charles only had one word to describe how he felt.

“Happy,” said Spratt.

Charles’s wife, Ruby Spratt said that moments like this make her appreciate the little things.

“In a time like this, especially with all this COVID going on, it’s good to have family support and be able to have a family to give him some inspiration and give him some encouragement,” said Ruby Spratt. “It’s just nice to let him know that they love him and support him so I’m just thankful for all the family that showed up and give him the support and he was just shocked, he had no idea that this was coming.”

Charles just started his treatment 4 days ago and his wife says he is doing well with the treatment so far.