Aberdeen Mayor and Board of Alderman sign to move a new steel plant to Monroe County

ABERDEEN, Miss (WCBI) — The economy is still stinging from spring and summer shutdowns.

In the state of Mississippi, many people have lost their jobs because of COVID 19, but here in Aberdeen, they are trying to change that.

The Board of Alderman and Aberdeen Mayor starting that change, signing off on a deal for a new steel plant to move to Aberdeen.

“We’ve been working on this deal for 3 years, the company is called EnviroBuilders, and they are now located in Georgia,” said Mayor of Aberdeen Maurice Howard.

This plant will be bringing in 150 new jobs — which Mayor Howard said is crucial to building back the town’s economy after a global pandemic.

“And so to get jobs in a time like this it is very valuable, and it’s astonishing that we were actually able to get the deal done in this time being with a lot of businesses are on freeze right now,” said Mayor Howard. “That is also going to affect our commerce here, affect our local restaurants and local stores because if I’m working here I’m eating here, I’m spending tax dollars here in Aberdeen and keeping that money here.”

And people who live in Aberdeen say they are ready for the jobs and the chain reaction to follow.

“You have a variety, and the more you bring in, the more the city will be able to grow, and it will take a lot of pressure off a lot of people with taxes and stuff,” said Aberdeen local Imogene Dancy.

“It would make an impact on the tax base, and more money to work on the streets and highways and things,” said Aberdeen native Andrew Gates.

Mayor Howard is excited to bring residents an opportunity to work in their own backyard.

“My prayer and my hope is that we will grow that company to be even larger than what is expected because Aberdeen needs the jobs,” said Mayor Howard.

Mayor Howard said construction to renovate the Holley Performance building will begin in six months, and production is scheduled to start in eighteen months.

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