Aberdeen Pilgrimage offers historic events and places to attend

ABERDEEN, MISS. (WCBI) – It’s an opportunity for people to learn about the rich history of a Northeast Mississippi city this weekend.

Diane Smith first visited Aberdeen in the 1990s, for an antique auction.  Four years ago, she moved from Monroe County Illinois, to Monroe County, Mississippi.

Her house, built in 1854 and called “Mon Chalet” is part of the pilgrimage.

“With my love of old houses, obviously, for a house over 165 years old, you have the original pine floors, all of the detailing of the mill work, fireplaces, a house tells a story, if they’re coming for a pilgrimage, I want them to be aware of what an old house is about,” said Smith.

There are 10 historic homes on the pilgrimage, along with City Hall, built in 1912, featuring neoclassical architecture, a Tiffany stained glass dome skylight, and other features. Tour guides are dressed in 19th century style outfits.

“The first public library in the city of Aberdeen was right here where we’re standing, a bookshelf, table and it was staffed by volunteers from the women’s club,” said tour guide at City Hall Constance Hamilton.

There are a lot of attractions at the pilgrimage.

One of the most popular attractions takes place on Saturday and Sunday.  It is a proper tea at the Cottage Tea Room.  Just one more tasty and fun way to learn about the heritage and history of the area.

“This gives us a highlight of something to do that was done during Victorian times, and one of the duchesses would have a fainting spell in the afternoon,  and would have all the ladies come in and fix her some sandwiches and things like that, it kind of got started like that, I’m told,” said Sara Gardner, co owner of the Cottage Tea Room.

Aberdeen’s Southern Heritage Pilgrimage draws visitors from more than 20 states.

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