Video: Adderall Abuse on the Rise

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Between 2002 and 2005 U.S. Adderall sales skyrocketed by 3,100% vaulting Adderall to the head of the ADHD market. In recent years Adderall has also become the most popular illicit study drug, amongst college students.

There are some people with severe ADHD who need stimulants like Adderall to live healthy and productive lives. But a growing number of college students are abusing it, arguing that it helps during test time. With finals for most Colleges and Universities starting over the next week or so the use or abuse will be on the rise.

MSU Physician Dr Cliff Story says, “We’ve had cases of students where they take either their own Adderall or worse they take someone else’s Adderall and then have their heart beating exessively fast or chest pain or chest or chest tightness.”

And students agree the stress of performing well on exams is high, especially with more and more students continuing on to graduate programs after college.

MSU Sophomore Bryan Nelson says, “I wouldn’t say I have a lot of friends use Adderall or Vivach any kind or prescription drugs that they are prescribed to to help stay up and study.”

MSU Senior Charita Willis says, “Being here four years I haven’t taken any Adderall but I have taken No Dozz, I guess you can say. I will never try that again.”

Using someone else’s prescription is a Federal offense. And doctors are catching on to patients lying about symptoms to gain access of the drug. Although authorities and health professionals are aware of the growing issue, knowing just how bad it is is unknown.

According to Willis, “We know it’s out there. I’ve heard from other students some people mix it with alcohol and some people sell it. It’s hard to quantify. We don’t know how much of a problem there is with it.”

There are side affects to using the drug if you’re not prescribed it, causing some health concerns you hadn’t planned for.

So students beware.

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