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[bitsontherun Nv1gLtUw]COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — A Columbus doctor says he wants to rebuild his practice after being found not guilty by a federal jury.

A U.S. District Court jury in Oxford deliberated more than two hours Tuesday evening before finding 63-year-old Dr. Michael White not guilty of seven counts of over prescribing diet bills. White was charged after a June 21, 2011 raid on his office by state and federal agents. The raid came after eight months of visits to his office by undercover agents.

His licenses to prescribe drugs were suspended and his offices shut down for a time before he was allowed to reopen on a limited basis. But the criminal charges , which carried substantial jail time, hung over his head.

“It’s been terrible. He had a busy practice that’s been shut down. He has, I’m sure, gone to bed every night wondering if he would be in prison sometime down the road. It’s been terrible but we decided to put our belief in the system, the system being 12 jurors, and the system worked. They found him not guilty and I’m sure he feels a lot better,” said Columbus attorney Rod Ray, who represents Dr. White.

Ray says they will immediately begin applying to the state licensing board and federal agencies to get White’s licenses fully restored.

While White works to restore his practice, another Columbus doctor is about to be sentenced for over prescribing Lortab, Percocet and Xanax.

The office of Dr. Mark Burtman also was raided June 21, 2011. He pleaded guilty this summer and will be sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Oxford. The charges carry a total of 35 years in prison and almost $two million  in fines.

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  • John Potter

    I am glad that Dr. White was found innocent and will be even moreso when he is able to begin seeing patients as, as a former patient of White, I have called over 60 Pain Management Clinics from Memphis to Atlanta. I have been turned down by these Doctors simply because I don’t have INSURANCE!!! I tried to keep my money and business locally but, after making all of these calls, am having to travel six hours one way just to see a DR. and It has been costing me time from work, taken away from my family, and has taken the would-be money that should’ve stayed here locally. I hope and pray that Dr.White can bet back up and running as soon as possible!! I will definately be giving him MY support and business.

    God Bless you Dr. White and I look forward to being able to see you again!!!

  • Willie James

    If the other doctor is going to be sentence, so should Dr. White because they are both guilty of the same thing. I am a former patient of both doctors and my experience with Dr. White was not that great, he never took the time to examine some patient. On some occasion he never look you in the face, never ask how are you feeling, and sometime never came in the room. I hope Dr. White gets throughly examine himself because the man ain’t right!!!! Thanks and may God bless each!

  • lynette

    Dr. White was not charged for illegal presciptions for pain medication.I was his patient for three years.He always came in the room and looked me in the eye and asked how I had been doing.He did thorough check ups every time for those three years.Very concerned with how treatment was going.He is a great Dr. in my opinion.Why would the poster need both Drs?Must not have had the proof of his condition as Dr.White required.The question is when will he be allowed to reopen his practice?His patients still need him to have some quality of life.Denying chronic pain patients quality of life is inhumane and affects their entire families lives negatively.Thanks.

  • debra d. young

    I was a patient of dr. White as a matter of fact i was his 4th patient at his 1st pain clinic on chubby dr. When u are truly in pain, who wants to sit in with the doc talkin about your life. He ordered a urine test EVERY MONTH to make sure the patient had only the correct meds in their system & he has had to dismiss lots of patients! He ALWAYS had time to ask u if your pain meds were working & make sure i kneq how to use my pain ball & make sure i was exercising as well as i could. He was & im sure still is a very compassionate doctor. I really miss him! Every time i see a particular nurse in another office i ALWAYS ask about him. I care about him cuz he ALWAYS seemed to care about me & my family & my feelings. Good luck dr white hope u get ur license back & ur life back to normal!

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