Alabama Leaders Give Mementos After Inauguration


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey and State Treasurer Young Boozer had sought-after mementos for guests at Alabama’s inaugural celebration.

Ivey took advantage of the bright, sunny weather Monday to give out green sunglasses that said “Alabama’s Future is Bright” on one side and “Lt. Governor Kay Ivey” on the other.

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Boozer celebrated the beginning of his second term by poking fun at his memorable name. He gave away blue drink koozies that said “Young Boozer, Treasurer” on one side and “Thanks for Another Round” on the other.

Boozer said his name requires a having a large sense of humor, but it has been valuable in politics because everyone remembers it.

They gave out the mementos to guests visiting their Capitol offices after they took the oath of office.