Amory family shares meaning of peanut brittle making


AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – Sunday was National Peanut Brittle Day

It’s a popular, old fashioned candy.

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The Kelton family has made peanut brittle for years.

While most people want to taste the treat, this family believed the time spent in the kitchen can teach you more than how to cook.

Cliff Kelton whipped the pot full of the ingredients to make the sweet and salty flavor that leaves a crunch in your mouth from peanut brittle.

It only takes a few ingredients to make brittle, but Becky Kelton said that the process teaches many life lessons.

“It teaches you how to build a business and it teaches you how to be responsible for what you make,” said Kelton.

Those lessons can roll out to successful products and a successful life.

“You want to make the best that you can make,” said Kelton.

It’s a lot of fun in learning things that we never learned before we love to show the younger generation things,” said Kelton.

The family said there is one thing they want to teach the future generation through peanut brittle making.

“These are God-given talents that we all have we just have to learn how to use them,” said Cliff Kelton.

The sweetest thing about the Kelton’s is that the brittle they sell go straight to mission for their church.