Video:An Approaching Tornado. A Family’s Prayers. A Rescue: All Caught on Video

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Exclusive Tornado Video

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- It’s video you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

A story of survival through a cell phone.

He didn’t want to go on camera with us, but Winston County native Branden not only filmed the Louisville tornado as it narrowly passed by, he also helped save two lives.

WCBI obtained this exclusive video.

Branden: “Look at it…look! Look it’s coming this way! Look at it!”

Woman: Let it shift Lord God! Let it shift!

Branden: It’s lifting, Shiba’s shingles off her roof!

Man: Please don’t tear the house up!

Woman: Let if shift Lord God Let it shift!! Let it shift Lord God Let it Shift!! Let it shift!! It’s shifting Brandon!

Branden: Yeah. Look how those trees are bending over!


Branden: Is somebody in the car down there? Where are they?

Branden: No..that’s gas! That’s gas!

(Man coughs)

Branden: That’s gas, step back cousin. Come back over here.

Branden: Alot of people are down there..hey! Come on! We have to pick him up!

Man: We need an ambulance right now. I got you! I got you! I got you! I got you! We need an ambulance

Branden: There are some more people down there. Where’s his phone? He was in here by himself?? Man, I can’t see a dead body man!”

Branden and his family members helped carry both men several miles through fallen trees, ditches, rain and lightning to an ambulance.

In fact, Branden and his family were so engrossed with helping their neighbors, they never noticed or heard their cousin shouting their name.

Branden says when they reunited,  they simply held each other and cried for several minutes.


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