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JACKSON – An inmate at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman was fatally stabbed today, June 11, 2013, by a fellow inmate.

Offender Kelvin Bowen, # R7284, was pronounced dead at the prison hospital at 1:04 p.m. He was attacked with a sharp instrument in the hallway of a maximum security unit at Building 29 while en route to see a case manager. The weapon was confiscated.

Offender Roderick Roshund Lewis, #R9968, identified by prison officials as the assailant, is being questioned by investigators with the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

A correctional officer suffered a dislocated left thumb while trying to break up the two inmates.

“An initial investigation revealed policy and procedure were not followed, specifically in that the assailant was not strip searched properly, and he was not restrained properly,” Commissioner Christopher B. Epps said. “We will take the necessary disciplinary action upon completion of our investigation.”

Both Bowen and Lewis have been incarcerated multiple times.

Bowen, 35, was currently serving three sentences, totaling 14 years, out of two counties.

He received one year for simple assault on a police officer in Sunflower County and 13 years for aggravated assault and three years for shooting into a dwelling, both in Chickasaw County.

Lewis, 31, is serving two life sentences for murder and armed robbery out of Warren County. He was convicted in September 2006 of killing a man whom he had worked for in a roofing business in Vicksburg.

Since his incarceration, Lewis has received 60 disciplinary actions, including for assaults, some of which involved officers. He also has been disciplined for destroying property, interfering with security, refusing to obey staff, setting fires and possessing contraband.

The stabbing is being investigated by the department’s Corrections Investigation Division (CID).

“What charges will be filed depends on the outcome of the investigation,” CID Director Sean K. Smith said.

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  • Ed

    It is so stupid to continue to feed this person, now he’s killed another while in jail…..he needs a ride on “SPARKY”…….sooner than later, like today.

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