Anthony Hervey Laid To Rest In Oxford

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Oxford, Miss. (WCBI) — People from Texas to Georgia came to remember Anthony Hervey, a man that was known to be nice, genuine, and passionate.

People at the event expressed why they traveled from all over to support Hervey.
“We just came to honor Anthony because it’s a great loss that he was killed and I just wanted to pay tribute to a man like that who loved history and loved people and loved talking to people”, said Sons of Confederate Veterans Tennessee branch spokesman Lee Miller.

“Anthony Hervey was a purple heart veteran, a purple heart veteran an it’s really important for me to support the veterans especially the purple heart veterans…”, explained Veronica Creamer from Arkansas.

“I think he’d be proud to know that he made that kinda impact on people and that uh, he made a difference. Hopefully we all get to do the same thing”, said Robert Jackson of Falkner, Mississippi.

Many gathered to remember a husband, a father, and a friend.

Arlene Barnum, the woman who was with Hervey on that tragic day, said “I don’t know why God took him, knowing that he had so much to offer and so many projects that were pending, and I’m still alive it just seems unfair.”

Barnum picked up Hervey for an event and spent 48 hours with the man that inspired many.

“If I could foresee the future…”, said Barnum, “…I probably wouldn’t have picked him up just to keep him alive…to come back here under these circumstances but he was in the vehicle with me and I just have to come back you know to see him put to rest.”

Hervey was most known as the black man who was a staunch Confederate supporter, waving the battle flag while standing in front of the Confederate monument in downtown Oxford.

“This flags been flowing for hundreds of years and we never had this kind of problem…”, said Barnum, “…I’m not going to let him die in vein…”

Hervey was 49 years old and is survived by his wife Paula Hervey, and his 4 children Cheyenne, Jaydee, Nehemiah, and Austin.

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