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[bitsontherun WErJdiUV]STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – It was a full house Thursday night at Armstrong Middle School as parents came out to battle their kids at the second annual “Are you smarter than your AMS student?”

These parents got a crash course in history, English and math to get an idea of what their children are expected to know on upcoming state tests. And many parents were surprised.

“The questions are much harder than they used to be, they have to process, they have to analyze, they have to think critically,” said parent Anne Stricklin.

“I also feel like I have to relearn all this stuff all over again. I don’t really remember,” added parent Jonita Thompson.

Some students really felt like they were ahead of the curve.

“Not to brag but yea, I think I know more than my mom just because in some subjects I feel stronger than I do in other subjects,” said student Inecia Looby.

The event helped engage students by giving them study tips they’ll be able to use in the future for major state tests.

“The parents are very informed, just as informed as the students, but I’m excited that the parents get the opportunity to see how much their children are actually learning and how they have to go back and justify what the answers are instead of just being about to pick something from an ABC question,” said language arts teacher Miranda Kincaid.

Parents and students were split into groups. The group with the quickest right answer won the round.

“The pressure is on us to really prove that we can beat our parents. My mom was an English major but things are different back than and I had to teach her the stuff we’re talking about now,” said student Allexie Williams.

In the end, parents were able to get a better feel for what they’re children learn everyday in school.

The event included 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

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