Area Libertarian Party members explain their viewpoints


WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- The Libertarian Party of Clay County, an affiliate of the state Libertarian Party, hosted a forum for the county’s supervisor candidates.

Those with the Libertarian Party said their main goal was to encourage civic engagement but also provide citizens with a little background on their own party.

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Party members said It’s all about having a choice.

“The Libertarian Party is basically the party of small government,” said party member Lazarus Austin.

“The way I look at is a really strict adherence to the constitution and the freedom ideals that founded this country,” said party member Dathan Lambeth.

Lambeth has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 1996.

He said it’s important to have a third political option.

“You have a choice besides the two major parties. There are other voices. If you want to help be a part of that voice, we would love to have you. Also, it’s a big tent. It’s really about freedom,” said Lambeth.

Some people say the Libertarian Party is a mix of both Republican and Democratic ideologies.

“there’s a lot of people out there who will say ‘well, fiscally I’m a conservative, but socially I’m a Democrat or vice versa, but when they go to the polls, a lot of them feel like they don’t have a choice…The Libertarian party is that alternative, but people are too scared to vote libertarian because they feel like they’re throwing their vote away,” said Austin.

According to Austin, the Libertarians and Republicans agree on things from an economic standpoint.

“Little to no taxes, small military, non-interferance in people’s lives and other countries, and that’s pretty much it,” said Austin.

However, he said the party leans more toward democratic viewpoints when it comes to social issues.

“They’re all about choice and allowing people to be who they are and not regulating or interfering with how people are,” said Austin.

With the majority of the state voting either Democrat or Republican, those in the Libertarian Party hope to give a voice for the people in the middle.

“There are a lot of people with unique or different views that just don’t participate because they don’t feel like there are people who empathize with them, who agree with them or like them,” said Austin.

“Our hope is by activating the principles of freedom we can get back to a country that we’re proud of and would fight to defend,” said Lambeth.

The forum featured food, games, live music, and door prizes.