As online shoppers prepare for packages, so do porch pirates

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – If you plan to Christmas shop from your computer screen, you need to make sure you’re the one picking up your delivery.

Porch pirates are licking their chops, hoping to swipe valuable packages from your home.

While online shopping may be more convenient, don’t let these grinches steal your packages or holiday spirit.

With porch pirates on the loose, many people like Renee Frierson are taking extra precautions when ordering packages online.

“I try to make sure the package gets there after school or when I’m off work so that someone will be there or could be there to get the package so that it doesn’t get stolen,” said Frierson.

For many, online shopping allows the most convenience.

Sheriff Eddie Hawkins said some things to remember when waiting on your packages.

“This time of year a lot of people are shopping online and a lot of packages are being delivered. What we are trying to do is remind people what to know when they get these packages and have them delivered to a secure location. Make sure somebody is at home when these packages are going to be delivered, ” said Hawkins.

For some, it may be best to send your packages to your work address or the actual postal store.

Renee Fierson said that her co-worker’s house got broken into and their packages were stolen.

“I’m always scared and try to be precautious and safe when I do order anything online,” said Frierson.

Other online shoppers like Belle Frantz have help when it comes to keeping their packages safe.

“This year when I went Black Friday Shopping I ordered so much and I use this app called Shop pay and it helps me track my order immediately as soon as I pay for it,” said Frantz.

She said that it saves the hassle of finding and tracking the packages.

“It shows me all my orders and when it arrives and the exact day,” said Frantz.

If you can’t always have someone to get your packages, consider doing an in-store pickup.

Also, it’s never a bad idea to invest in a security system.

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