Monroe County Sheriff’s Office holds auction for seized items

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – An influx of some big-ticket items that deputies in Monroe County have seized were up for auction Saturday.

Dozens Were hoping to be the high bidders.

Cars, Pick up trucks, four-wheelers, and campers were up for auction.

Auctioneer Nick Clark said with auctions like this, it is high-risk high reward.

“You know you come to an auction like this you take a Chance. Some stuff runs some don’t some has a title some don’t some of it you’ll drive off and you’ll have a fantastic bargain other stuff you got to be careful of,” said Clark.

All of these items were seized in different ways.

“It’s a variety of items from vehicles to various equipment some of it is seized like from a drug seizure some of its abandoned some of its stolen some of it is county-owned and city-owned and depending on what it is the condition we bring it out here and sell it we sell it to the highest bidder,” said Clark.

Sheriff Kevin Crook said that the money made from the auction goes back to the county.

“Money that’s made here today through the auction will just go back to the Monroe county general fun some of the items out here are seized so some of that may end up coming back to our Narcotic unit, but most of it will be going to the general fund,” said Crook.

The auction also brings the community together.

“Good to see a lot of local people coming out and every dollar they spend comes back to the county so we appreciate them coming out,” said Crook.

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