Video: Back To School Traffic

by Victoria Bailey

CALEDONIA, STARKVILLE, Miss.(WCBI)—It little more than one week class begins at some area high schools.

That means a high volume of traffic in the morning and at dismissal times.

Students. Parents. Teachers. It makes for a traffic snarl.

Starkville High has about 15-hundred students. Caledonia is still under construction. And that means getting to class may become a little congested.

Caledonia Principal Andy Steven says,”Were going to have to get someone out there to direct traffic because come 7:30 it gets pretty backed up.”

With school just around the corner… students parents and teachers are preparing for the start of the year. But one of the biggest nightmares most high schools face is traffic.

Starkville Highschool Principal Sean McDonnall says they are having an all new route plan for the students this year.

McDonnall says,” How to drop off in car pool and how to actually turn around down here in the faculty parking lot and head back out the same direction so we’ll get that on the website and ill do a call out and an email to all the parents with that map attached to kind of explain. We’ll probably have an administrator up from those first few days of school helping direct that traffic cause safety is a main concern.”

the new route will go into effect on the first day of school. August 4th, McDonnall goes on to say this route is for the parents bringing their students in, this route will not effect students coming to park or the bus lane.

Caledonia High school has been under construction since last year. Principal Andy Stevens says if anything the students will have more space when they return to school.

Stevens says,” They’ve done a good job with finishing up the parking lot. We have two extra parking lots well three as a matter of fact. They started that the day we got out of school back in May so they are about done with it now.”

Though the students will have more space this year at Caledonia Stevens goes on to say that won’t fix all their traffic issues.

Stevens says,” We need to put a uh off of wolf a tuning lane out there I think that would help out greatly it just gets backed up in the morning time… everybody coming to school and if we had a turning lane ..everybody else could go about their way while we make that right turn.”

The students for both schools will come back to changes… Starkville principal says the new route will be in effect until August the 19th and Calidonia Principal says

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