Backlash continues following Kratom ban

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- The backlash continues after Kratom is banned in the Friendly City.

Kratom is an over-the-counter product that people commonly use for energy or pain relief; however, some claim the plant is addictive.

People in favor of the use of Kratom brought their concerns before council members during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Just last week Mayor Robert Smith signed into law, banning of the sell and distribution of Kratom within city limits.

Those in support of Kratom say the product should be regulated, not Banned.

“Regulate it and make it 18 and up so no children can get a hold of it and make sure that it’s tested and that it’s safe. You cannot send an addict back to something that they cannot control because they need something for pain. Like I said, it was torture and I literally moved back to Mississippi so that I could be legal and get off of pain medication again,” said Bethany Cook.

As far as the state of Mississippi, Kratom is currently banned in the city of Columbus and Union County.

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