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NEW ORLEANS, LA. – (WCBI) Conversation has been moved from California to Louisiana. And, it will begin soon. But not before they set everything up.

“We just get on a plane. It’s our crew that’s bringing all the stuff,” says “The Talks” Sara Gilbert.

“We’re like the traveling circus. We just arrive and the tent is up. Everything is done. And, we walk in,” says Sharon Osbourne.

Pulling miles of cable and setting up hundreds of lights.

There’s scaffolding and bleachers, dressing rooms and staging areas. T

“The Talk” and it’s on- site staff of 70 have their own set in Jackson Square.

There’s behind the scenes than the cameras. This family includes makeup designers and hair stylists, production assistants and the people who blend the style of the city with the style of the hosts.

“Everyone is excited about being here. It’s Mardi Gras! It’s New Orleans,” says Sheryl Underwood.

Camera angles, quick changes and note here and there. It takes a lot of prep work to make it look so effortless.

Aisha Tyler explains why being here means so much to each of them.

“New Orleans is America’s Super Bowl city. They’ve been through so much since Katrina. And, they’ve come so far. It just means so much to be here.” says Tyler.


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