Being active on social media is making a difference for businesses

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – When trying to decide where to grab a bite to eat, most people go to their phones first.

Local business owners know this and are making sure their presence on social media is as lively as inside their restaurants.

Zachary’s, a local favorite in Columbus, has over 12,000 followers between Instagram and Facebook.

Owner Doug Pellum said they use it as a way to update the community, advertise events, and get feedback from the people who support them.

“On Instagram, we will get anywhere from 500 likes sometimes on some of our products. That’s how we can see what’s working and what is not working,” said Pellum.

Across town at Sweet Pepper’s Deli, General Manager Aaron Sanders said that creating a personality on social media is a group effort.

Trends and apps change, so it’s important to know the best place to target your audience.

“The trend of Twitter and stuff was really popular when I first became general manager. Since then Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook have become really popular. I think it’s just the way the business is going,” said Sanders.

Hunter Yeatman and Kaleb Webster are both out-of-state students at the W.

Being new to the area, Kaleb Webster said social media has let them know what is available and good around their new home.

“I looked up on my phone and on google where to go and where to eat and I’ve been scrolling through Instagram and seen, like, Zachary’s ad,” said Webster.

To Yeatman it’s simple. Everyone is on social media and that is the best way to get noticed.

“Everybody is going to see it on one platform or another so it’s important for those businesses to be on those platforms,” said Yeatman.

MUW Communication professor, Barry Smith said the biggest tip for creating a social platform is being active.

“Post content. You need content. If you go away for a week, two weeks, or a month or you post something every now and then your audience evaporates and the algorithms all these social media platforms work with, they will downgrade your content,” said Smith.

It’s important to engage your audience so you should be posting at least once a day.

A fun way to interact with your followers is by posting polls or questions for you to comment on.

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